Etretat Restaurant ‘The Manor of the Salamander’, relic of Normandy medieval architecture at Etretat, Seine Maritime, Normandy, France
Manoir de la Salamandre
La Salamandre


Folklore still maintains that there is a treasure in Etretat which Arsène Lupin was never able to uncover. Protected by walls of mother-of-Pearl and more valuable than the jewels in the Crown of England, a parchment is meant to have been hidden in Etretat. It held the philosopher’s stone’s secret, a secret formula coveted by all alchemists. A few handwritten notes by Fulcanneli himself mention the existence of a philosophical dwelling loaded with symbols.

The location of this priceless treasure would be indicated by the sculptures which adorn the facade…

This dwelling is without doubt no other than ‘The Manor of the Salamander’!

Built in Lisieux, this medieval house which dates back to the XIVth century was completely taken down by the Fécamp architect Émile Mauge to be built according to new plans at the heart of Etretat in 1912 to become the Rotisserie Marquise de Sévigné.
It was saved in this way from the 1944 bombings of Lisieux and remains today, despite some modifications, a living relic of Norman medieval architecture.

Transformed into a Hotel-Restaurant this splendid and atypical house regained its former glory and its spirit when it was acquired by Philippe Sermoise in 1990.
Restored in 2004 by using archive footage, the establishments « Morganti », « Atelier du phare » and Christian Laire have achieved no small feat. Meticulous craftsmanship restored this house to give it its previous contrasting colours and ornaments.

The house’s facade offers a fantastic bestiary and a gallery of mysterious characters where myths and alchemical symbols meet. And should you come across Philippe Sermoise, the owner, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask him a few questions. Inexhaustible storyteller, he would be more than happy inform you.

Restaurant La Salamandre Etretat
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